Professional Mongolian Horse-head fiddle player and khoomei throat singer.

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My new album now available!
Good news, my friends. My new album ‘The Great Chinggis Khaan’ is now available!

did you know that Batzorig performed at the united nations headquarters in nyc, acted and performed in the marco polo series?

He is an internationally famous Mongolian khoomei (throat) singer with almost 15 million views on youtube as of 2020.

More about batzorig

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Batzorig Vaanchig. Zorigoo is my nickname. I was born in 1977 in Zag soum, Bayankhongor province, Mongolia.

As a boy, I very much enjoyed Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle) and Mongolian traditional urtiin duu (long song). I would listen to kharkhiraa khoomei on the radio and imitate the throat signing and eagerly awaited the rare Morin Khuur performance music on the national Mongolian radio.

And then from 1995-2000 I studied at the horse-head fiddle class at the Institute of Culture, Ulaanbaatar city and graduated as a music teacher and a musician.

That's when it all starteD.

In 2000, my twenty year career as a professional musician started at the most prestigious theater, the Mongolian Grand Theatre of National Art.

In 2009 together with colleagues I founded the “KHUSUGTUN” Ethnic Band next to the Theatre and since then I have been working as a morin khuur (horse-head fiddle) player and khoomei (throat singer) until today.

In 2020, I'm happy to inform you that our Khusugtun band just released a new album for our 10 year anniversary. It is crucial that our children inherit the great Mongol cultural heritage. Hence I started a a children's morin khuur center in Ulaanbaatar, while working on my new solo album.

I've been awarded for my work.

2018 - My album with Latvian folk band Auli won the best folk album of Latvia

2018 - Was awarded the highest state honor of Mongolia; the Order of the Polar Star (Altan Gadas) by the Government of Mongolia.

2017 - Toured North America and performed at the United Nations Headquarters and Rubin Museum in NYC.

2017 - Awarded the best band at the PercPan - Percussion Panorama Festival in Salvador, Brazil.

2015 - Our Khusugtun Ethnic band became a finalist at Asia's Got Talent

2014​ - The 2nd place as a Soloist-vocalist-instrumentalist at the “MIRA” Ethnic Music Award Competition, the International Ethnic Festival ‘Music and Crafts of Siberia-2014’, Krasnoyarsk city, Russia.

2012 - The best band of Rainforest Music Festival in Malaysia

2009 - Acapella Gold Medal at the III Delphic Games Jeju, South Korea

2009 ​- Awarded a title “Best Officer of Culture” of Mongolia

2009 ​- Special prize from the “Earth Breathing” - The International Competition of Throat Singers organized in Ulaan-Ude, Russian Federation

2008 ​- “The Best Staff of Culture” award from the Mongolian Trade Union

2008 - ​The “BEST THROAT SINGER” title from the National Competition of Throat Singers of Mongolia.

In the press.
I've been featured in different articles both as a solo musician and with my band Khusugtun.

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Batzorig is eager to share his passion for traditional Mongolian music with you!